What are the benefits of the COLOSUS Auction?

1. The fastest selling method.
COLOSUS is the fastest method of selling used and new inventory and converting them
directly into cash. All the goods from an auction will be sold in one day.
2. COLOSUS has professional equipment technical experts for inspections and detailed reports.
3. Our powerful marketing and promotion methods
• Over 80,000 users/month through partner sites.
• Over 62,000 potential buyers
• Over 260,000 followers on the platforms we collaborate with, we promote the machines at European level.
4. At COLOSUS we handle the entire sale and operational process from beginning to end.
5. Over 20 years experience in machinery and auctions worldwide.
COLOSUS has a team of experts in machines and auctions in America and Europe. Auctions are a specific area that requires a lot of experience and trust.
6. You benefit from our marketing and sales channel unique in Europe.
7. Proven, reliable and guaranteed system.
Our robust system is built on our strong values like honesty, transparency and warranty.
8. ONlive auction proven technology platform.
Our ONLive auctions use proven technology alongside a live auctioneer or industry expert to create excitement, interest and urgency to bid.


An unreserved auction is proven to produce the best results.

We have tested several models and with this concept we have obtained the best results.
This concept attracts qualified buyers. It is a model that has been operating for many years in the United States, Germany, Netherlands and other countries with experience in auction.

The prices will go up according to the demand and may even exceed the market price due to the unique auction experience that encourages the buyers to bid.
Not only that all your equipment will be all sold in the same day but COLOSUS will transfer you the money in max 10 working days after the auction.

Colosus successful partners

Stronger together for a successful partnership!
Join us and be a part of our next auction in May 14 th.

We invite you to list your equipment for our next ONLive auction on 14 May 2020.
Come and join us!

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