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  1. Unique Opportunities – You will find unique opportunities from a wide range of machines, trucks and accessory that are being auctioned.
  2. No minimum price for booking. You bid with starting prices starting at 0 € and buy at the best price in the market.
  3. All the necessary details and information – For each auctioned machine you will receive clear information, relevant details, technical specifications, photos, videos.
  4. Specialist consultancy – Our specialists, experts in machines, are at your disposal for additional details and consultancy in choosing the right machine.
  5. Safety – You have detailed technical inspection reports for each machine
  6. Warranty – All the machines are sold in good working condition, and those with “warranty card” come with warranty certificate
  7. No risk – If you are unable to purchase the equipment you want at auction, you will receive the full advance payment back
  8. Networking – enter in the community of the most important owners and dealers of machines
  9. Simple and Comfortable – At a click away you can purchase online on the colosus auction platform machines, trucks and accessory without having to leave the comfort of your home or office. We remove distance barriers and you will never miss a purchase for the simple reason of distance.
  10. Super Experience – You have a unique bidding experience with fun and adrenaline


  1. Create a free account on the colosus auction ONLive platform.

To participate in an auction you must first create a free account on the colosus platform and accept the “Terms and Conditions” of participating in the online auctions presented on the site. In the Terms and Conditions you will be able to see the commissions you will have to pay as a buyer.

  1. You sign up for the auction you want to participate in.

Find the auction opportunities you are interested in and sign up for the auction you want to participate in.

After registration, you will receive a confirmation email.

  1. You activate your account in order to be able to bid.

Because you have the right to bid on a particular auction, you need to pay a participation warrant to activate your account. After the payment of the participation warrant is confirmed, your account will be activated as soon as possible and you will receive a confirmation email.

In case you do not buy anything, you will receive your money back in 3 days after the auction. If you purchase something, this warrant of participation will be considered as an advance.

Add your favorite machines to your favorites.

  1. You bid and you win

Once your account is activated, you will be able to access the colosus online platform and start bidding on the lots that have piqued your interest.

Each auction is organized as an online event. You can start bidding before the event, but on the day of the event it is important to be on the platform at the right time so you can watch the auction and increase the bid in case you are interested in the purchase.

All auctions will have a growth rate, between 50 and 1000 euros (depending on the starting price of the respective good), to avoid bidding with insignificant values.

The buyer must ensure that he has the financial funds necessary to purchase the good at the price he has bid. In order to activate the right to bid, a participation warrant is required, which represents the purchase warrant of the good.

If in the last 2 minutes of an auction a new quote is registered, the respective auction will be automatically extended by another 3 minutes to allow the other bidders to make a counter-offer. The process is repeated until no quotation is recorded and the last bidder will be declared the winner.

  1. Make the payment

The day after the auction, you will receive an invoice by email for the goods purchased at the auction. You will receive the invoice for the awarded lots, accompanied by the payment details.

If the winner of a bid does not make the payment for the actual purchase of the good within 3 calendar days from winning the auction, he will lose his participation warrant. The good can then be offered to the next class.

  1. Organize the transportation

After confirming the payment you will receive details about the location from which you can organize the transport. The transport price is not included in the purchase price at auction.

The machines will be loaded from the premises of each Seller, the machines are not all in one place.

  1. You enjoy the purchased good

You enjoy the purchased good and when you no longer need it you can sell it again through the colosus auction.

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