We come with a unique concept in Europe, the ONLive auction that combines the benefits of the online auction with the live one.

We have created an ONLive auction specializing in the sale of second hand machines whereby the machines can be sold 10 times faster and at a better price than through any ad site.

With the help of digitalization, we make time and operational costs more efficient in this complex sales process. On the colosus online platform, each auction is organized as a live event without the need to transport the equipment from the seller’s premises.

There are many risks and problems when buying second hand equipment. That’s why second hand machine customers need a lot of information, details, pictures, videos, warranties and they want to test and inspect the machines to make sure they buy something good and high quality.

The process of selling second hand machines requires a lot of human resources, energy, time, logistics, operational etc.


Colosus offers the necessary framework for the sale and purchase of second hand goods in a professional, safe and risk-free way for those directly involved in the online platform. Our machine experts will make sure that they check all the technical details, detailed inspections, service reports, photos, videos. Thus, it is no longer necessary to physically inspect the machines by customers because Colosus guarantees all the information and data are presented.

Here at Colosus each machine has complete information regarding the model, equipment, specifications from the manufacturer, technical characteristics relevant to the category. There are also quality pictures, videos showing the functionalities. Quality photos and videos double the sales chances of a machine.

All machines that are uploaded on the Colosus platform have detailed technical inspections with over 30 critical points that are checked on each machine. We work with independent service companies that make these technical inspections and detailed reports. Verifying in detail everything related to the engine, transmission, gearbox, axles, and hydraulics. Professional technical reports from COLOSUS increase the sales opportunities by over 80%. Colosus offers customers trust through professional services.

All heavy machines, trucks, accessory that are uploaded on the Colosus platform are in good working order, with warranty and insurance for hidden defects.

We offer the framework of an interactive, dynamic and efficient transaction that connects the demand with the offer through the online platform. Colosus is aimed at professionals who purchase or sell several machines in a year.

colosus verificat

All the machines that have the Colosus stamp are thoroughly inspected by our experts.

colosus pret

You auction with prices that even start at 0 € and purchase at the best price in the market.

colosus garantie

Machines are insured for hidden defects and unforeseen incidents.

colosus usor de folosit

Just a click away, you can purchase online from the Colosus auction platform.

Colosus offers guaranteed earnings for both buyers and sellers.

The Colosus auction is based on rising base prices. We start from a starting price, which is increased by successive offers by the participants. The auction stops, and the good is considered awarded to the last bidder who offered the highest price implicitly. All auctioned goods can be viewed and tested by prospective buyers. Colosus is an auction with no minimum sale price reserved. This means that there is no minimum threshold below which the sale cannot be made.

If neither of the parties owner or buyer fails to fulfill their obligations: to sell or to buy the good, they will be removed from the platform, will pay a penalty and will have a ban to also participate in the auctions organized by Colosus.

We have created an ONLive auction specializing in the sale of second hand machines whereby the machines can be sold 10 times faster and at a better price than through any ad site.

Colosus also offers the best experience of live auctions with adrenaline and fun offered by an experienced live auctioneer present at each auction. The role of the live auctioneer is to highlight and present the details of each machine, but also to make jokes and train the participants in the auction. The Bidder presents each machine individually with specific details.

The live bidder knows how to make the atmosphere, create suspense and adrenaline to make the auction experience unique. What is unique about colosus is that the auction is online and the auctioneer is live.

Through the colosus auction platform, we promote the machines at European level. Machines uploaded to the COLOSUS platform are promoted to 10,000 potential beneficiaries at European level.

Colosus auction is the most efficient way to sell and buy used machines, trucks and accessory.

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